About The Author

Bill as a kidBill Greenberg is a popular children’s author, illustrator, (songwriter, musician, magician, and master storyteller) who performs his books for schools that want to energize and excite their students about the joy of reading. Children are so tickled and tremendously engaged on each magical adventure, due to Bill's knack for tapping into that childlike quality in all of us: the ability to be amazed and amused. His assemblies (“author concerts”) are dynamic and funny, making his books come alive: and leaving students wanting more. “Reading a book out loud, in an animated-storytelling style, is a powerful way to improve reading comprehension. Students clearly remember the information because they had an emotional connection to the book. When this is modeled for children, they will learn to silently read and comprehend in a similar and wondrous fashion.”
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Bill GreenbergBill GreenbergBill Greenberg