FAGQs (frequently asked grown-up questions)

Q. What is Story Time Magic?
A. Storytime Magic® is a publishing company that deals exclusively with books and materials written and illustrated by Bill Greenberg.

Q. Who is Bill Greenberg?
A. Bill Greenberg is a popular children’s author, illustrator (magician, musician, songwriter and master storyteller) who performs his books for schools that want to energize and excite their students about the joy of reading.  The key to why children are so tickled and tremendously engaged on each magical adventure; is that he is able to tap into that childlike quality in all of us: the ability to be amazed and amused.  His assemblies (“author concerts”) are dynamic and funny, making his books come alive: and leaving students wanting more.  ©Storytime Magic®

   From Bill Greenberg: “Reading a book out loud, in an animated-storytelling style, is a powerful way to improve reading comprehension.  Students clearly remember the information because they have an emotional connection to the book.  When this is modeled for children, they will learn to silently read and comprehend in a similar and wondrous fashion.  As an author, it is a joy each time I see a child discovering that magical moment when reading sparks their imagination, and the pages come alive.  It is an honor sharing my love of books; a journey to enjoy for a lifetime.”

Q. How do I schedule an author visit?
A. Bill’s calendar fills up 6 months to a year in advance.  If you are interested in receiving more information about a visit - or wish to book time on his calendar - simply contact Bill at storytimemagic@yahoo.com.  He will try to respond promptly; however, if you haven’t heard back from him within a week, please re-send your e-mail – as sometimes glitches of brain and/or technology occur!  He has a packet of information and goodies that he’ll send to each school when your dates are finalized.  Once you do set up a date, he will provide a Performance Agreement (that will spell out our agreement in writing).

Q. What are his prices?
A. Prices vary depending on the type of event and the circumstances involved.  Bill will try to work within your available budget.  Send us a message at storytimemagic@yahoo.com for more details or for a specific price quote.  When at all possible, Bill tries NOT to charge travel expenses, though that will depend on the circumstances and amount of travel involved, and he may need to arrange multiple bookings in a particular area to negate the need for travel costs.  Of course, school districts booking multiple performances together can share any travel costs, and may also be eligible for discounts.

Q. Do you require a deposit?
A. A $100 deposit is required to secure the date(s) requested.  After the school visit, the $100 is credited as part of the total fee.

Q. Do you require any paperwork to confirm the visit?
A. Yes: remittance of the $100 deposit.  The form will be e-mailed or faxed back to you as a receipt.

Q. Are discounts possible?
A. Multiple booking within the same general time frame can sometimes mean a discount for all appearances.  Bill may offer discounts when he is going through a particular area at a certain time and is trying to fill in more dates. 

Q. Can I record your presentation?
A. No, although photos are fine.  He’ll also be happy to let you record a video or audio interview; or any informal interaction with students.

Q. Are the storytelling assembly's age appropriate?
A. Yes.  Each assembly is tailored for each grade level.  Bill Greenberg is the rare author who has taught most elementary-school grades (kindergarten-fifth).  His sparkling rapport with children has them giggling with delight, as they are mesmerized by this talented and dynamic storyteller.

Q. How many shows can be scheduled in one day?
A.  Bill performs once in the morning (1/2 of the school) and once in the afternoon (1/2 of the school) so that he doesn’t lose his voice.

Q. Are lesson plans available for each book?
A. Yes.  On this website there are 31 activities to use with his books.  These are some of Bill Greenberg’s favorite lessons that he used as a classroom teacher.

Q. We had your program last year.  We’d like to have you again this year.  Does your show change?
A. Yes! Currently Bill has written ten books; and he performs a different book at each assembly.  Bill has a ten year cycle; so, he could present a full program at your school 10 years in a row without repeating material.

Q. What if we need to cancel or reschedule?
A.  There is often a lot of time and effort involved in scheduling and arranging several bookings in certain areas to coincide with each other far enough in advance; and sometimes particular events are crucial in conjunction to everything booked around them.  Please do not cancel or try to reschedule appearances that have been agreed upon.  Unless specific contract terms dictate otherwise, cancellation made within 60 days of the scheduled appearance are subject of a 25% fee; cancellations made within 30 days are subject to a 50% fee; and cancellations made within 14 days are subject to a 75% fee.  Bill will try to work with event planners to reschedule an appearance, and fees may be avoided if a suitable alternative can be found, but that may not be possible depending on the circumstances.

Q. How should Bill be introduced at the performance?
A.  For school assemblies - whatever the usual announcement might be; followed by something along the line of the following would be fine: 

     “We have a special guest with us today.  Bill Greenberg is an author/illustrator.  He is a lot of fun and you’re going to have a great time as he shares one of his books.  So let’s give a warm (school name) welcome to . . . Bill Greenberg!”

Q. How long are the performances?
A. School assembly programs range from about 30 to 45 minutes (depending upon the age of the students).

Q. Is there a limit to how many students can attend one assembly?
A. Bill has no absolute rule about that; only that he performs two assemblies during the day: an A.M. performance and a P.M. performance. 

Q. Where is Bill located?  Is he available to travel to . . .?
A. Bill is located in Southern Nevada, and often travels throughout Nevada, California, Arizona and Utah; but he is willing to travel anywhere for a reasonable price – which may include travel expenses.  Multiple bookings in your area may need to be made to justify significant travel; and any help to facilitate that with other schools would mean a discount for all schools involved.

Q. What are Bill’s stage/technical requirements?
A. Bill can provide his own PA for many venues; in which case all he needs is an adequate power outlet (most outlets are fine).  Depending on the venue, Bill doesn’t necessarily need a “stage” (even when he has a stage he spends a lot of time off or it and down with the audience); but there should be a suitable space provided for him and his equipment.  Ideal seating would include chairs along the outside for teachers/adults to sit; and space on the floor for students to sit.

FASQs (frequently asked student questions)

Q. Where do you write your books?
A.  I have an art studio in my house (that used to be a bedroom).

Q.  Do people ever recognize you when you’re in public?
A.  After I visit a school, many times people will say hello. 

Q.  Have you had any other jobs besides being an author?
A.  I was a teacher, a musician, and a few other jobs (that I had for a very short time).

Q.  Do you get nervous (while you’re in front of a large group of people)?
A.  I’m always nervous just before I start storytelling; but as soon as I see all of your smiling faces: I’m having the best time ever!

Q.  How long have you been writing books?
A.  I started writing ideas when I was your age: in elementary school; but I started writing books when I was 38 years old.

Q.  How old are you?
A.  Really old: somewhere between 50 and 100.

Q.  Did you go to college?
A.  Yes.  I went to Denver University and the University of Nevada.

Q.  What is your favorite color?
A.  Blue.

Q.  Are you married?  Do you have any children?
A.  Yes.  Joanie and I got married in 1991.  We have two children.

Q.  Where are you living now?
A.  We live in Henderson, Nevada.

Q.  Do you like going to schools?
A.  Yes!  It is sooooooooo much fun!!

Q.  What elementary school did you go to?
A.  I went to Doull Elementary School in Denver, Colorado.