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Storytime Magic® Series

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23 Skadoo

Freddy wants to play jazz music!

Storytime Magic

Magic helps Freddy escape!


Healthy foods help Freddy surf!

Bully Bubbles

Iggy stops the class bully!


Iggy can't remember anything!

Hoopin' and Hollerin'

Buckaroo Billy saves his horse!


Freddy and baby brother work together!


Yetta is too excited at her mama's wedding!


Freddy gets stuck in the jungle!

Bad Hair Day

Yetta wants to be on TV!

Travel Book Series©

France, Ireland, Scotland, Britain

Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Germany, Russia

Greece, Turkey




Italy, Switzerland

New Zealand, Australia

Antarctica, Argentina, Chile

All Around The World


Learn more about the creation of the Storytime Magic series.

  • 1991-1995

    The Idea

    Noting the short attention span of his young elementary-school students: Bill started to add voices, sound effects, actions, props and lots of active participation while reading some of his favorite author's books - to make them even more exciting. After a while, this newly-discovered talent led to a local television program. He needed a name for the TV show; and thus Storytime Magic® was born.

  • 1995-Present

    Trademark, Performances, Publishing

    Storytime Magic® Trademark is Registered; Author Concerts; Published Stories in Picture Book & Chapter Book Versions

    Bill, and his wife Joanie, realized that incorporating Bill's original educational songs, and their favorite magic tricks, was the key to writing their own books. They spent years on the first book (rewrites, then more rewrites, torn up illustrations that didn't quite work, and lots of editing to make the illustrations print/eBook ready). After that, the books came easily. Joanie and Bill's many years of teaching reading made it possible to create a picture book version of each story for the younger readers. Bill's many years as a professional musician made him a natural on stage, but nothing compares to performing for kids. Young audiences are the best!

  • 2011

    And We're Off!

    Finally, Joanie and Bill were both retired from teaching & counseling in elementary schools; so they began their storytelling at school assemblies as often as they wanted. Now they were able to travel and share their stories in other countries. The fun was in full swing.

  • The Future!

    Joanie & Bill Greenberg have been a creative team for many years. They've published more than 30 Storytime Magic® books; and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Their latest adventure is writing creative children's stories inspired by photographs taken on their trips. They have been guest authors/storytellers, in Africa, Japan, Alaska, Iceland, Hawaii, New Zealand and more so far. They hope their Storytime Magic® and Travel Series© books will inspire others to explore all the world has to offer. Storytelling and reading is fun!

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Storytime Magic's Author

"As an author, it is a joy each time I see a child discovering that magical moment when reading sparks their imagination, and the pages come alive. It is an honor sharing my love of books; a journey to enjoy for a lifetime."

Bill Greenberg

Author / Illustrator / Storyteller

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Bill Greenberg's humorous text and lively illustrations keep readers laughing. This popular children's author/illustrator performs his books for schools that want to energize and excite their students about the joy of reading and writing. Children are so tickled and tremendously engaged on each magical adventure due to Bill's knack for tapping into that childlike quality in all of us: the ability to be amazed and amused. His assemblies ("author concerts") are dynamic and funny, making stories come alive; and leaving students wanting more.
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School Visits

Performance Description

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Each of the "author concerts" (assemblies) are 30-45 minutes long (depending on the grade level); and every story teaches the importance of "never giving up" to reach your goals. Since there are ten stories/assemblies; the author could appear at a school ten times without repeating the same performance. Masterful "classroom management techniques" are used resulting from the author's many years of experience as a kindergarten, first, second, third, fourth and fifth-grade teacher. Every assembly (and book) is a great springboard for inspiring children to write what happens next? The author is a gifted storyteller, making his books come alive (with lots of comical voices, puppets, props, singing, magic, instruments and science experiments); incorporating interactive audience participation throughout. What a great way to inspire students' writing, creative thinking and imagination; while energizing and exciting students about the joy of reading. One of the major benefits of sharing books aloud in an animated storytelling style: is the powerful way it improves reading comprehension. Children clearly remember the details of the story because they have an emotional connection to the book. When this is modeled for children they learn to silently read and comprehend in a similar and wondrous fashion.


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